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Antelope Park: Zimbabwe Day 1

African Impact had someone to pick me up at the airport and arranged a place to say in Harare for the night. It was a funny experience because the only thing I could think about was getting some sleep, and the lady who ran the place kept wanting to talk. Eventually, after a shower, I was able to excuse myself for a quick nap before dinner. A dinner involving a glass of what I would say was a bottle of wine that had long passed its drink-by date. After dinner, a little reading, a quick conversation with an older couple who were staying there, and I was off to get some more sleep.

The Next Day

The bus ride was seemingly endless bus, that offered panoramic views of the country’s sprawling flatlands, dry fields stretched out as far as the eye could see, and thin trees. Just as endless as the fields were, the people were standing on the sides of the roads selling anything and everything they could.

The numerous police stops did not speed up the trip. The driver told us this was their way of making a salary. The police will accept cash, and if no cash is offered, a ticket will often be provided for no reason other than being on the road. When we arrived at the park, there was not much going on. And so far, I haven’t had much opportunity for conversation with the others. But hey, it was only the first day.

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