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Antelope Park: Zimbabwe Trip

In September 2012, I decided to check one of the items from my bucket list – a trip to Africa. And on that trip, a visit to Antelope Park, to work with lions through a group called African Impact. And hopefully, do a little to help the dwindling lion population throughout the country.

From Seattle to my destination of Gweru near the Antelope Park, I decided to make the most of the trip and have a long layover. Having never heard much about Frankfurt, Germany, I spent my long layover there. Something I realized was not the best idea, considering the town is relatively dull. Next to my hostel, there were plenty of strip clubs to choose from, but I decided not to visit those. And instead spent my time writing and aimlessly wandering around town, checking out the museums. It turns out there isn’t much to do in Frankfurt. A lot of corporations, especially banks, have their corporate headquarters in the city. Hence all the strip clubs and not much else.

I should have stopped in London. Which was the other option for a long layover.

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