Broken Car Rental Window and Chase Card Benefit Services – Part 1

This story begins January 28th, 2018 in the parking lot of Millifont Abby, Drogheda, Ireland. As we pulled into the parking lot there was some shattered glass from a broken window visible and after locking the car and walking to the historic site, there was a sign warning people that there had been a number of break-ins. But come on, it was the middle of the day, a well tourist visited spot, and we weren’t leaving anything on the seats to give cause for someone to break into our car.

As we were walking back to the parking lot from the site, an older woman came up and stopped us saying, “Is your car parked up here?”

“Yes, why?”

“When we pulled in we notice some windows broken out, and it looks like some cars have been broken into.” She said.

We quickly walked up to where we had been parked, and yes, the right rear window of our car had been smashed in. We also noticed that the car next our ours and the car next to that had been broken into. The only car not damaged was the one between all our cars and the historic site. That was the car of the lady, another older guy, and some young guy who was sitting in the back seat of that car. As we were assessing the damage and one of the other people was calling the Gardia (Police) the older couple got into their little car with the guy in the back and drove away.

Of the three vehicles, nothing was stolen from ours. The small van next to ours had a satchel with some apparently useless documents stolen out of it. And had the drivers side window broken instead of the passenger side. And the third car was like ours, with a broken right rear window but nothing missing. The reason they went for those windows, I’m guessing is they were the ones on the opposite side of the car from the historic site, making it hard to see.


As we were waiting, I called Chase Card Benefit Services, because with Chase Visa one of the so-called perks is insurance coverage on rental cars. They told me to file a police report, then content them to file a claim when everything was taken care of, and the car had been returned. After getting off the phone with Card Benefit Services a Gardia officer named Oscar showed up. But, it turns out, he was not the one we called. According to him, he was investigating a break-in at another historic site and came down to this one since sometimes people leave things at it or, as we found out, also break into cars where we were. He took out his notepad, took our information and said he would text later with the police report number. I asked for the district the officer was from and a card that I could have in case I needed it for the insurance claim. He told us, he was out of cards but promised to text the report number to me later that day and he would mail a copy of the police report a couple of days later. After talking to him we drove the car back to the Dublin airport, exchanged the car for a non-damaged one and continued on with our vacation.

In general, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but let’s break this down for a second. First the friendly old Irish couple who stop people as they are walking back to their cars to let them know that their car had been broken into. The friendly old couple who also happen to have some creepy looking dude sitting in the back seat of their car. Perhaps stopping people long enough for the guy to get back to the car? Then, we have the Gardia officer who happened to show up shortly after they drove away. Keep in mind they never actually toured the site. Oscar the Gardia conveniently didn’t have a business cards on him and more importantly, never mailed me a copy of the police report. I contacted him a few weeks after at the mobile phone number he gave me asking for it, and he said he mailed it. I confirmed I gave him the correct address and he said he would mail it again, which, never arrived.

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