Costa de la Luz: The Sketch Show

The previous night was a restless one. The bed as solid as a rock, okay, maybe not a rock but still pretty solid which made getting a good nights sleep difficult. That compiled with a headache that took most of the night to go away, and since I had drunk quite a bit of water during the day for the heat, I had to get up numerous times to pee. Or was that just a sign of aging? I hope not.

As the day began with a nice sleep in, or attempt to sleep in we opened the curtains to reveal a lovely day outside. The sky was blue, and we could already feel the heat of the day warming the air.

Down in the cafeteria, we tried to book the dinner that was mentioned in the brochure, only to find out through the guys broken English that the dinner wasn’t included in the all-inclusive. That if we wanted the dinner, it would be an extra 25 euros. A bit more clarity on the brochure would have been nice. We decided to forgo that as I expected it would not have been that great anyway. Besides, it wasn’t a long walk to the town or village nearby, and I would have preferred to get a better more authentic meal anyway for an evening in the town.

From breakfast, it was a stop at the spa to lay down 10 euros each for towels, and a day of relaxing by the pool. The day involved reading, relaxing, drinking, and relaxing some more. Oh, the suffering of a relaxing vacation.

After dinner that evening they were doing a comedy show in the bar area. A comedy sketch show to be exact. The show was scheduled to start at 9:30, we arrived around 10:00, ordered a rum and coke and a mojito. The bartender went into the back for the mojito, and game back out less than a minute from what have been a premixed machine blend. So, not the most authentic mojito but we were not ones to argue with not having to pay for booze with our fancy wristbands. Plus the drinks had more alcohol in them than we would get at any bar in Dublin.

The bar, if you could call it that, was a large open area with some more of the same white cafeteria styled tables that were in the lunch cafeteria. Everything was arranged around a small stage that stood about a foot off the ground on a small raised platform. To the left of that were some sofas that had already been taken, so we sat at one of the smaller two-seat tables to wait for the show

Music would occasionally kick up in a way that implied the show was going to stat then would die down. An announcer would come over the intercom and say something in Spanish, then nothing. Eventually, around 10:30 the show began as 4 people entered the room from the back. They were all wearing leopard print rags to look like cavemen. Two guys and two girls. After working their way through the audience, they each lined up and faked leaning on each other as to sleep. After a few seconds, the one at the rear woke, made some gestures and smacked the butt of the one in front of her. She faked waking up at being hit in the butt, the two girls waived their arms said the word hora while looking at a watch then smacked the butt of the next person in line, one of the guys. He woke up, and then the three of them made the gestures again and slapped the butt of the final one asleep. They then moved around a bit, and all went back to sleep to repeat the waking, smacking butts, and back to sleep routine before the skit ended. I don’t think anything was lost in translation as the audience didn’t applause all that passionately, more of a courtesy than anything. The next routine began which was the two girls, one of them having a ball then the other taking it. The other going and getting a giant lollypop and the other taking it as well. The one going for another item and the process repeating. The third skit actually had a punch line to it, although the punch line was predictable from the beginning. A man sitting at a table wearing dark sunglasses not moving. The waitress came out, making gestures of prettying herself to get his attention. Then the next girl came out doing the same and pushing the first out of the way. The final person, the other guy came out in a wig and skirt to do the same. The humor being in that he was a boy doing this, and of course the punchline being that the guy was blind. The next was a bit of bathroom humor that resulted in a few laughs from the crowd as one guy was going to the bathroom but had no arms, so he needed the other to help him.


Our drinks were gone by this point, so a couple more of Pina Coladas from the machine were ordered to help our way through more skits. It seemed that they were doing a lot of stuff without dialog, I’m assuming in an attendant to make things clear for the non-Spanish speakers in the audience, although most in the audience were Spanish speakers.

Imagine a move that you have probably seen at some point, and a performer goes on stage and does a terrible performance, and after the show, a few people in the audience slowly clap as a bit of a courtesy, this was that. I will give them credit. The four people on stage were employees at the resort, not hired performers in any way. So props to them for getting up and doing a show for the tourists.

After quickly finishing out drinks and leaving with many of the rest of the crowd that was slowly clearing out, we decided to call it a night

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