Costa de la Luz: Time for a Massage

The lady walked us back pasts the Jacuzzi and sauna into a colder area before separating us. She took me into a small room with a massage table, a few lit candles, and other paraphernalia items that one might expect in a massage room. Through broken English, she told me to get undressed

“Everything?” I said
“Even my shorts?”
“Yes, everything.”
“All my clothes.”
“Yes. Hang your clothes here.” She pointed to a hook on the wall. “Put on.”

She pointed to a little plastic bag that had a man-string in it. I would have to describe it as a g-string with a bit of thin cloth to keep my dick and balls from flapping around during the massage.

I know what you might be thinking, why was I so unsure about getting naked on the massage table? The reason was when I went to Thailand many years ago the same situation happened. The girl told me to take my clothes off and get on the table. Seemed clear to me, but when she came back and moved the towel to notice that I was naked underneath, she was a bit taken back. Yes, even in Thailand the home of the happy ending.

She left me to change into the man-string, which didn’t take long. Then I laid down on the cold table covering myself with a towel she went out of the room to do whatever it is they do while waiting for the next stage.

After a minute she returned to the room and began the scrubbing. It was an awkward feeling body scrub, not awkward on my feet or legs but a bit awkward when she had me lean to the side a bit so that she scrubbed one butt cheek before moving to the other side and repeating the process.

“Ok, now you shower,” she said pointing to a shower area. She turned the light and water on for me.

“After, you lay back down.”

I went into the shower with the water that was turned all the way to the hot setting but not feeling all that hot and rinsed off the scrubby stuff. Then drying and putting back on my man-string I laid down for the second part.

While I was in the shower, she had placed a sheet of plastic over the massage table for me to lay on. She returned and began to rub lotion on me. She completed my right leg first, then folded up the plastic wrap to cover it, worked her way up my right side then to my left leg for lotion and plastic. Then to my arms and chest as she wrapped me into a personal body bag. She then placed a warm towel over my face that was fragranced with some spicy type of smell and said that I was to relax and she would be back in about 10 to 15 minutes. I lay stiff as a dead body trying to will myself to relax. My shoulders were as high as my ears as I took a few deep breaths to calm myself at the uncomfortable feeling of being wrapped like a fruit roll-up. I wondered how much plastic this hotel must go through in a week, with the mini-washes and shampoos in the bathrooms, the disposable plastic cups that each of the drinks were provided in at the pool bar, and the plastic used to wrap people like me, the ones who decided to try something different than a typical back massage.

At what I assumed to be 15 minutes she returned and began to unwrap me from the bag that I had been left to stew in my juices. First, the right leg was uncovered, up through my right ass cheek. The plastic stuck nicely with the lotion, remnants of the shower, and possibly a little sweat. Although I doubt even in the plastic wrap, I could sweat much with the coldness in the room. As each body part was unwrapped, she would rub what felt like an ice cube on the outer side of my leg and a hot one on the inside. Same with the arms. Nicely she only used the hot ones on my chest. This was the rock or cold and hot stone portion of the message.

After unwrapping me, she instructed me to roll over, then placing my face over the hole at the top of the massage bed she then gave me a gentle, relaxing massage along with the hot stones. After a short massage with the rocks, she then left a few on my back, along with a cold and hot one on the lower portion of each butt cheek. She then left me to relax again for about 10 minutes and at which point she returned to remove the rocks and let me know that I was done.


  • Massage and scrub = nice
  • Hot stones = nice
  • Cold stone = cold
  • Plastic wrap = not nice

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