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Neah Bay Cemetery

Neah Bay, is a small community nestled away on the rugged, northwest tip of Washington State. As you roll into town, there is a modest little cemetery to the left. This small plot of land speaks stories, whispers, and memories. Walking through the graveyard, it is clear that there is a lot of love for those buried here.

Every tombstone, weathered by the Pacific winds, is witness to the affection that families have held for those laid to rest. It’s not just about the names and dates etched in stone; it’s about the love, the memories, and the bonds that refuse to fade away.


The Bear in Front of the House by Milo Denison on


Black Angel by Milo Denison on


Love the Bus by Milo Denison on


Old Altoids Can by Milo Denison on


Red Angel by Milo Denison on


Angel in Black and White by Milo Denison on


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