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Scotland Distillery Tour: Speyside Whiskey Stops

It was a busy day of distillery stops with the first one right down the street from the hotel. Well, it would have been if we had gone in the right direction from the hotel instead of the wrong one. But once it was sorted our first stop was at the Strathisla distillery where we took a tour. According to the distillery, they are one of the oldest continually working distilleries in Scotland. A few make claim to being the oldest so it could be argued as to which is but this is on the list.


We are getting the hang of the distillery tour as we move along even though we are not touring all of them. Three ingredients of a whiskey are hops, water, and yeast. They are aged over three years and in barrels usually shipped over from the US. Port barrels are nice for aging as well but since not very many people drink port anymore it is hard to get the barrels and the cost of them is going up. And the amount of evaporated whiskey during the aging process is called the angels share.

From Strathisla it was on to GlenGrant. This felt a bit snooty four our taste, so we visited the shop, passed a bunch of children on a tour, and went on to our next stop.

After Cardhu We did another tour at Glenfarclas which is one of the few privately owned distilleries in Scotland.

It totals we visited 8 distilleries today and sampled 10 different whiskeys. Don’t worry, when it came to driving, I didn’t drive drunk. Anytime I had to drive HK would get the sample and I would take a sip of it and that is all. She finished the samples.


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