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Utah and Back: The Final Stretch

Worried about my sick dog, I decided to spend all day Saturday riding home. After a pleasant night’s sleep in a hotel just west of Boise I headed north of 55 bright and early, for my final stretch of really nice riding. The road followed a river most of the way through small towns, nice curves, and plenty of trees to keep me from getting too hot. I had to make a quick stop in a local store to replace my lost earplugs, and of course, stops for gas and food, but beyond that, it was all bike time.

Heading through Lewiston, I was back in Washington State. Still not ready for the interstate, I was able to race along some fantastic roads through miles and miles of Eastern Washington farmland.

Not a lot of pictures taken at this point, mostly just a mad dash to get home. A quick stop in Ellensburg for dinner then off to Seattle and home. It was around 11 that night when I made it. About 14 hours of riding. And, lots of dead bugs.

Thanks to the windscreen on the bike, my jacket wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But it was still pretty well covered in bugs.

On a sad final note: I had to put my wonderful fluffy friend of 9 years down. She had a mast cell tumors. The best travel companion I ever had.

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