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Utah and Back: The Nevada Interstate Wait

After reaching Nevada I jumped on to I-80, a long stretch of interstate to take me into Utah. There was no way I was going to make it to Utah, or I should say, there was no way my ass could take making it to Utah, so I decided to stop in a place called Elko. Of course, I had to get to Elko, which was difficult to do as some jackass apparently overturned his travel trailer blocking all east bound traffic.

While waiting the hour on the side of the road, I did have a chance to chat with an old fellow who was on his way to his grandchild’s birthday. He worked for the various mining companies throughout his life and told me to let any of you young fellows in search of work to know, that the mining companies are hiring. Thanks to the high price of gold, they are expanding production.

Next Stop: Utah Dinosaur Park

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